"Just finished reading The Bigger Picture and am impressed both with the text and the dedication of Hope in not only writing the material but the outreach she has around the world,and her persistence in getting this and previous books published! I worked with Esperanza several years ago when she was searching for her niche. She has many interests and talents and I'm proud to see how she has carved out her way to express herself while delving into topics that will be relevant and helpful to many others."

“Love! As so aptly wrote Alfred de Musset, love is the best what can happen to us in the world. It is the union of these two monstrous beings is what makes us live and it is certainly our most valuable asset. But when the break occurs we do not have the moon to comfort us. Esperanza Habla rightly confided in the one star that inspires poets. Her pen guided by her grief has passed and repassed on the paper. With “I am Hope” her first collection of poems she shows us her long and winding road to recovery from her injuries. I invite from my heart all life lovers, love and poets to read. "I am Hope" Esperanza's first e-book will be your travel companion. It will inform its moonlight your steps towards your future.” 


"I know firsthand how intimidating it can be to share artwork of any kind. As artists, we have this intense desire to express, and to share our expression, but it opens us up to exposure and vulnerability. This collection reminds me how beautiful vulnerability is, and how brave it is to share ourselves with the world. Esperanza does that gracefully and with humor and hope."


"Appealing poetry that everyone will enjoy: This compilation of sensitive and thoughtful expressions of heart and soul are not only enjoyable to read but one soon connects with the distinctive style and rhythm of this delightful author. 

I look forward to more of her evocative expressions. 5 Stars"


"A remarkable book from a remarkable woman."


"Leaves the Reader Wanting More: I have read her poetry for years. I read the entire book in one sitting. At first blush, the book reads like a diary. In fact, the book is her movie. I can’t wait to watch the next scene."


"A great book, provoking and moving, very impressive."


"Upbeat, uplifting poetry: It is very inspiring to read this collection of poems because you can feel the author's sense of joy expanding as she discovers her writer's voice. She wears her heart on her sleeve...and bravely allows the reader to share her private thoughts." 


"A very beautiful and poignant book."


"The perfect companion." 


"Love etc.: The author writes about emotions and feelings that we all experience such as loneliness, friendship, loss, love, etc. in a way that is relatable, personal, and truthful. I look forward to the release of her second poetic collection to read more of her heartfelt, sincere, and insightful writing."


"We have used your book in my therapy support group. We read some of your poems aloud, and then discussed how we could relate to it."


"I'm reading your book. I've just finished the poem on page 12....I can feel the pain you were feeling when you wrote makes me want to cry......"


"Good for the soul: The poetry of Esperanza Habla speaks to the emotional journey of all of us with deep, sincere heartfelt words which none of us can deny. She speaks directly to what we're feeling, where we've been and to where we're going. I loved this work and highly recommend it for anyone who feels alone in the emotional/spiritual journey through this world.


"It does not bear reading quickly because one needs to take time to let each piece fully in. [She] captures all the poignancy and none of the pretense possible in writing. She is so open, and yet she is also so strong. The combination is moving and I feel

more connected to my fellow-beings for reading her work."


"I picked up your book again. It speaks to me. It calls me back. I love it."


"Poetry can be defined as “writing that formulates a concentrated imaginative awareness of experience in language chosen and arranged to create a specific emotional response through meaning, sound, and rhythm.” ( This first poetic collection by Esperana Habla fits that definition perfectly. Simply put this lovely little book is graceful, poignant and definitely emotional. This book is also brave. It takes great courage to write in a manner that opens yourself up to people you may never meet. This book is also honest. It takes greater courage to open yourself up to the people you know and love. If you love poetry, this book is a fine addition to your library. If you’re not sure you like poetry, let this book be the first in your collection. Either way, you will find yourself going back to this book whenever you want to be introspective or inspired. And be sure to have pencil or post-it on hand; you will want to share the thoughts and heartfelt words with others. Highly recommended.


"Reading your words-it was like you were here with me."


"Your books are your stage."












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