6.) The Dream State
This is my 4th poetic collection. The book encompasses several topics, including friendship, love, loss, the creation of art, the moon, as well as forgiveness. 
Book cover art and contributed writings from guest artist, Kristina McKune.
5.) El Panorama
Ese es mi segundo poemario en Español. En este libro comparto la vida después pérdida, y mi evolución como artista y individual. Este libro es un libro de auto-revelación y introspección, dicho a través de la poesía y prosa. Acompañarme en mi viaje en la cultura, lenguaje, y arte.
the third poetic collection
Once you meet a true writer, you know. You can tell by the way they speak. They speak in poetry. Sonorous words drip from their tongues like succulent honey. Their words are notes in a glorious symphony. My words are my notes; my poems are my symphonies. 
ISBN: 978-0-9915104-7-4
ISBN: 978-0-9915104-8-1
3.) The Bigger Picture:
the second poetic collection
The poetry in this book was written four years ago. That was an especially painful time for me, in the wake of the end of a relationship.  While the relationship had been beneficial for both him and me, the way it ended was especially heartbreaking.
I have gone through a lot in the last four years. Yet, I have accomplished a great deal in this time as well. None of it would have been remotely possible if I had not gone through this adversity.
ISBN: 978-0-9915104-3-6
ISBN: 978-0-9915104-6-7
2.)Soy Esperanza:
El primer colección poética
Mi carera literaria comenzó hace seis años. Este libro lleva al lector a través de mis primeros poemas, la creación de mi primer blog de poesía y a través de muchos poemas de este blog, "Las Palabras de Esperanza." El segundo libro publicado de Prensa del la Luna, nuestro primer libro publicado en Español.
ISBN: 978-09915104-4-3
ISBN: 978-0-9915104-5-0
1.) I Am Hope:
The first poetic collection


My writing career began five years ago. This book takes the reader through my early poems, the creation of my first blog of poetry, and through many poems from that blog, "The Words of Hope." This is the first of my books to be published.  
The paperback and Kindle versions are available in Amazon:


ISBN: 978-0-9915104-1-2

ISBN: 978-0-9915104-0-5

The PDF version is available in the Silence Community store:
ISBN: 978-0-9915104-2-9

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